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Mentoring 2022


In 2022 I will be starting a new mentoring program. It will require an upfront commitment for 12 months and will continue on a year by year basis. My desire is to work continuously with a group that includes people I am already mentoring and those who have shown interest in working with me on a yoga path.  I want us to look at the broader study of yoga, including philosophy and how our practice can be expanded and deepened. The program is open to certified teachers and students not yet certified who are keen on being mentored. I would like to keep the group limited to no more than 20 people.

To secure a place in this program you will need to make an application and pay a deposit by 31 December 2021  (see application, pricing and payment details below). I appreciate people have other commitments, including teaching, and that all of the proposed components may not fit perfectly with your schedules. However, if you commit to the full program year there are options for some flexibility. II encourage you to call me to have a conversation if you are interested.

The program will begin in late January 2022 and comprise the following elements:
  • Asana as the basis of understanding ourselves as embodied creatures; practicing and learning the shape of the asanas to refine sensitivity; learning the art of slow steady application, and the importance of self-study. The Yoga as Philosophy class on Sunday is there to assist self study.

  • Prana – its affects and uses; learning about the vitality of breath work and energy distribution.

  • Learning from the body and particular constitutions;  discovering  Ayurveda, the science of living habits.

The formal structure of the program will be:

  • A weeklong retreat from Thursday 5th May  to Wednesday 11th May  2022, at Nambucca Heads  on the NSW Mid North Coast. For  Accomodation  contact Reflections Nambucca Heads.

  • 7 three hour mentoring sessions on Saturday afternoons, the last weekend of each month. These sessions will sometimes be at other Yoga Schools and all will be accessible online.

  • A weekly 1.5 hour class on Saturday mornings, 8-9.30am, Online.

  • Monthly experiential philosophy classes on Sunday afternoons, which provide reading and ways to open up studies.  Last weekend of each month.  Online


There will be other retreats and classes available to supplement this program for additional cost including the week-long retreat in Bali in July, and shorter retreats at Nambucca Heads, NSW, from 10-13 February, and a proposed retreat at Lennox Head, NSW, around November. These will be open to the broader community and promoted separately through the website and newsletters. Each of these retreats has days set aside for teachers and trainees which you are welcome to join 

One of my intentions is to help certified teachers get the experience of mentoring a beginner teacher while under my wing. In time it would include helping the beginner teacher learn the art of assisting and practice. 

A library of readings and videos will be available to course particpants.

Our yoga studies are done alone, but they are enriched and facilitated when we learn as a community. I am calling it a community of practice. Yoga is work, woven into each of our days. It is our approach to our lives, our relationships, and the divine. Sharing this commitment deepens the experience, and keeps us all supported and accountable.  


There will be a 12 week break in the program, mid-year when I will be overseas on retreats. Resources and class practices will be available. 


The full cost of the program is $2,452 which can be paid up front or in installments

  • A $613 deposit due by Friday, 31 December 2021

  • Then monthly after the initial deposit of $613 = $184 x 10 months


Payments can be made via the website once your application has been approved

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