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Mentoring 2023

Practicing Asana changes us, not just our body but the vibration within us. We are seekers, guided into our transformation. 

Applications for 2024 opening soon.

Stepping into the yoga life is to say ‘Yes’, I will let you touch me - teach me’. It can take some time to say that, really.  We think we have said yes, but then find it is only on our terms.  The initial seduction can be very strong.  Life and energy start coursing, mind and body touch.  But there’s more, much more. This was when I was swept into this practice life. Each day the practice called, come, come, try.  A need to ‘practice’.  It was not a practice to become, but to be. To taste and recognise how life might become ordered in a deeper way.  Our best self.  Soon a shape begins to emerge, and the desire to know more. 

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20 years after that first large and deep infatuation, my life turned another corner and I needed deeper resources I knew I did not have. I needed to feel at home, I had to rub myself into my own tradition. Endless practice without this root of real connection is not enough.  Most years I travelled to India where I could see my teachers were animated by their deep spiritualty.  It was theirs, though, not mine.


And so the unfolding goes on


Yoga as union, binding, bringing together, becoming one. Learning slowly by experiencing the feel of the asana, the interior space, to exhale and arrive. Learning to recognise the jewels.  Each of us has a seed, a seed given to us for this life, that, with care and time, comes to life.  For me it came from my own Western roots, but it was wide and entirely informed by the (eastern) practice I did every day.

Seeking has a way of opening us up, surprising us with what we find, in fact already had, laying dormant within.


A program for the seeker, students desiring to learn, to step onto this extraordinary path of Iyengar yoga.


This will be the second year of this program. It has grown and matured from the beginning in 2021. There has been much practice, much reflection, and learning that has come from the practice.  Tapas, fire, the hard work, curiosity and a great collaborative group have evolved through the year. Those joining anew will find a lively and engaged group ready to share and explore.


The river keeps flowing, where do we go now…?

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